Listen To 'Everywhere I Go' From 3 Pairs Of Boots Ahead Of Their 'Long Rider' Album

California-based husband-and-wife duo Andrew Stern and Laura Arias of 3 Pairs of Boots have announced that they'll be releasing their sophomore album in January 2021, Long Rider, drawing on their combination of Americana-leaning Folk and Rock. 

Their single from the new album, "Everywhere I Go", has also been released:

The title and several songs on Long Rider are inspired by the life of “Lady Long Rider” Bernice Ende, who traversed the country alone on horseback over 30,000 miles in the later years of her life.

Stern explains regarding their sound: “We sort of stumbled into this genre: It was there the whole time, and we just had to realize it."

Arias adds: “Andrew likes to take someone’s story and run with it. The story is always important.” 

After focusing on 3 Pairs of Boots only on the weekends for some time, in 2019 the band became the duo's central focus. They now write and record full-time in their two-room home studio.

Stern comments:

“It feels like we’re settling into who we are now, writing whatever feels right. We’re self-sufficient. Having the studio at home allows us unlimited time to create and perfect the tracks.”

In addition to writing music full-time, 3 Pairs of Boots is developing a YouTube series called Cook'N' & Country, which will combine recipe demonstrations with live country music performances. 

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