A Dose of 'Post-Apocalyptic Eurorack Mayhem' Arrives From Lapalux with EP 'Esrevoinma'

Lapalux (Stuart Howard) has released a new EP via Brainfeeder with six tracks  “post-apocalyptic Eurorack mayhem”, titled Esrevoinma. The EP follows 2019’s Amnioverse and was released to time with Bandcamp Friday whereby all profits that day, as well as the profits from his previous albums, were donated to Black Lives Matter-supported organizations as well as the Stephen Lawrence Trust in the UK.

Esrevoinma is an expansion and extension of his 2019 album Amnioverse, exploring "the cyclical process of birth, life, death, and rebirth".

The EP includes three brand new tracks, “Nebula” and “Unfold”. Fans also receive a live performance recording of “Earth” and new renditions of “The Lux Quadrant” and the title track.

Lapalux acknowledges the timing of this release with the following statement:

"As a white person I have been afforded great opportunities to thrive in the music industry. I was given opportunities by Black and ethnically diverse people to become somebody and have a voice. It is abhorrent that racism still exists in our society and the simple fact that opportunities that have been afforded to me may not be the same for someone else purely based on the colour of their skin is absolutely disgraceful.

Today I am announcing an EP called “Esrevoinma” there’s a couple of tracks that didn’t make the latest album alongside some alternate versions of tracks off of “Amnioverse”. It’s release was planned many months ago. I don’t feel like it’s the right time to release anything in such a volatile landscape and I have personally stepped away from all social media for the past several months for my own mental health reasons but it’s a very important time in history and a time for us as a people to change and make a difference.


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