Art Feynman Brings On The Drums In Guerilla Recording 'Half Price at 3:30'

Next week, Art Feynman, aka Luke Temple's new album Half Price at 3:30 arrives here at Tower, and he's been releasing tracks previewing the new release.

“I Can Dream” is the final track on the album, and is described as "a sedated and minimal romance", with lyrics like, “I can dream about you being made for me, lost in the land of my dreams.” and “never a story came perfectly to life in the way I envisioned.

I Can Dream ” follows previous singles “ Not My Guy ”, “ The Physical Life Of Marilyn ”, and “ I’m Gonna Miss Your World ”, which came with a stop-motion video directed by Caroline Sallee.

On Half Price, Feynman varies his sound by "employing drum machines, slightly glossier production, and even autotune", unlike his more organic previous releases as Luke Temple.

Feynman's exploration of a new sound, "evokes guerrilla recording predecessors like Francis Bebey, Arthur Russell, and Haruomi Hosono in musicological detail", but without taking on the weight of nostalgia.

 Full track listing for Half-Price at 3:30:

  1. Dtime
  2. Taking On Hollywood
  3. China Be Better
  4. Ideal Drama
  5. The Physical Life Of Marilyn
  6. I’m Gonna Miss Your World
  7. Night Flower
  8. Not My Guy
  9. Emancipate Your Love Life
  10. Nancy Are You Hiding In Your Work
  11. I Can Dream

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