Jazz Inspired Sadie Leigh Gust Captivates with 'Attendance Record'

Written by Camila Sorrentino

Captivating vocals and ever-entrancing sonics make Sadie Leigh Gust’s recent single "Attendance Record" worth more than just one listen. Philadelphia-based independent artist Sadie Leigh Gust creates jazz-inspired music reminiscent of legendary Amy Winehouse, with touches of her own personality evidently shining through.

Gust released her first single, a cover of Carole King’s Where You Lead, in March of 2023 in collaboration with record label FRTYFVE for their “Turn Her Up” campaign. The month-long campaign in honor of International Women’s Day was a women-led collective that aimed to empower female creatives in a sexist industry and world. Gust was one of 20 female-identifying artists that released tracks throughout March that were added to FRTYFVE’s "Turn Her Up" Spotify playlist, counting with more than 21,000 likes. With her riveting vocals and layered harmonies, Gust’s own spin on the song is supported by incredibly clean production.

At only her second single and original debut, Gust demonstrates exemplary maturity and potential in "Attendance Record." The song boasts impressive detail-oriented production that demonstrates immense attention and care. Many of its features are unexpected from an artist’s debut. The full, diverse instrumentation paired with playful melodies and powerful vocals make for a checks-all-of-the-boxes jazz pop song. With its entertaining runs, the track is nothing short of addictive.

This song’s ingenious lyrics tell the story of a lover’s betrayal, although the narrator expresses much more sass and careless bitterness than they do pain. “And I broke the bank / Spending too much damn time on you / I’ll take out a loan / And I’ll get by.” One of the many highlights is the near scream, “And we can’t rewind / So I’m starting a new record baby / I’ll be fine,” followed by the bubbly, ethereal background vocals and a mimicking almost-distorted piano in the second half of the song.

Rendering closure, the ending line flips the beginning one: “I broke my perfect attendance record that day / I can’t go to class with tears in my eyes” as opposed to “I‘m starting my new attendance record today / I’m going to class, no tears in my eyes.” These final, compressed vocals represent the writer overcoming their separation.

Sadie Leigh recently released the music video for "Attendance Record" was recorded at a school in Brooklyn, New Yorkbe. She often performs in Philadelphia, New York, and around the East Coast. Keep up with her so you don’t miss her next show.

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