Boyd Breaks Down His Single 'Black Rose' And Teases New Album On Tower's Live Show

Nashville-based Rhythm and  Blues artist Boyd joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about his new single "Black Rose" and his upcoming album release The Fall Collection V. 1 due out on October 28th. The Fall Collection Vol. 1 is being released by SAVsound, which is an in-house operating collective of artists pursuing similar goals. 

Boyd gives us an insider view on writing "Black Rose", which is inspired by a past relationship, but was actually written riffs-first with sounds that prompted the lyrics and the concept. Usually, Boyd takes quite a while with his lyrics and his writing, and "Black Rose", though it started out suddenly, took about two to three weeks to fully write, he shared.

Boyd walks us through the tracks on the upcoming album, some of which connect to relationships in a related way to "Black Rose" but a lot are more focused on other topics, identity, and thoughts. His music has a "late night vibe" to it, he explained, and Moore observed that that's definitely the flavor of his Instagram account! Boyd's music is something that he allows to "come to him" rather than forcing it, so the events of the world have affected his recent work, but mainly in the way that they gave him added focus, thinking, "I gotta knock this out."

Make sure to look out on Boyd's social media for a possible livestream event to launch the new album in late October!

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