Compilation 'Shelter in Place' Showcases International Talent Addressing Self-Isolation

[Cover photo credits to Philine van den Hul, Seiya Taguchi]

Future Classic has released a new compilation, Shelter In Place, showcasing an international group of emerging artists who have been fostered by the Future Classic x Dropbox Residency Program.

The label also pledges to donate their portion of the first month’s sales towards Heartland Alliance, a charity dedicated to providing emergency funds to marginalized communities most affected by the ongoing pandemic.

The collection of songs, which have also each generated dance videos directed by Ben Dean, focuses on themes of "restlessness, isolation, and hope", and also "reflects the emotional impact of self-isolation and the ways we can turn to artistic expression to escape them", according to the label.

The release includes work by MariaDennis (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Angus1 (Sydney, Australia), The Blossom (Los Angeles, USA), mwami (Kampala, Uganda), Madge (Los Angeles, USA), Jalopy Bungus (Phoenix, USA), and Late Night Messages (Oklahoma City, USA).

Future Classic explains:

“We wanted to release great music from emerging artists during these challenging times. We've had to put the Studio Residency at Future Classic on pause for now, but we realized over 700 applications from talented musicians around the globe were sitting there waiting for an opportunity.

We combed through all of them and picked out a handful of our favorites which became the ethos of this Shelter In Place compilation. There are so many artists navigating this time in such a genius, creative way, and without adding too much noise, we wanted to flag seven up-and-comers we’re excited about and the work they’ve put together in this unprecedented time."

Video Director Ben Dean elaborates:

“Each of the seven films brings together music and dance to show how humans are coping during these unprecedented times, diverging from the ordinary dance routines we’ve seen before and focusing on more abstract primal expressions. The tracks all have their own unique feel, which I felt was the perfect opportunity to showcase different people and their unique approaches to quarantining at home. We explored a range of emotions people have been experiencing during quarantine, from frustration and anger to hope and simply overeating. I wanted each film to feel like we’ve stumbled upon a raw moment captured with everyday people”.

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