Copenhagen-based Martin and Mads Rehof Release New Single 'Cupid' and Announce Album 'Pure Fabrication' Release for April 23rd

The Rehof brothers - Martin (vocals and guitar) and Mads (Bass) - of the Copenhagen-based band Communions announced the release of their new album ‘Pure Fabrication’ out on April 23rd; a single, ‘Cupid’, was released on March 12th in the run-up to their LP. Martin says of the album: 

“[Its] preoccupation with change and instability, a red thread that’s established on ‘Bird Of Passage’, is mirrored in the progression of the songs themselves, as themes shapeshift and take on new points of departure from one story to the next. For instance, the romantic notion of love on ‘Cupid’ morphs into a skewed, addictive and possessive kind of love on ‘Splendour’.

Their debut EP Cobblestones, inspired by Copenhagen underground punk scene’s cynicism, was released while the brothers were still in highschool. Now, years later, after the creation of several more albums, EPs, and singles, the Communion has joined with label Tambourhinoceros. The brothers assembled a five piece constellation around themselves after previous bandmates Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen left, leaving them to continue and grow on their lofi foundation - adding more depth to a distinctive indie rock beat. 

A music video for the opening song of the album, 'Birds of Passage' is available to watch on YouTube.

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