Daydream With Karen Jonas: Her Fifth Album 'The Southwest Sky And Other Dreams' Is Out Now

Karen Jonas has released her fifth studio The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams via Yellow Brick Records, having previously dropped several singles and a few choice videos for the album.

The rather adorable animated video version of "Pink Leather Boots" is definitely one to look out for:

But if you're looking for something down-to-earth and relatable, definitely dive into "Tuesday".

Jonas' new album really has a geographical feel, as the title suggests, and takes in the vast desert expanses of the American Southwest via small towns, but that's all contrasted with current realities as she explores this day-dream state.

Jonas muses on the album:

It's amazing that our brains are capable of sustaining this whole existence of imagination … of these dreams and goals and ambitions. But sometimes that's enough. Because sometimes the action isn't really critical to get you through the day.”

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