Death Valley Girls Unleash 'Breakthrough' EP, Reissue Darkness Rains Vinyl & Cassette

If you were reading our recent double-sized interview with Death Valley Girls' Bonnie Bloomgarden [find those here and here] and lamenting that no new music had arrived from the band since 2018's Darkness Rains, or if, like me, you were frustrated that Darkness Rains was hard to get a hold of in vinyl, today is your lucky day.

Fortune has doubly smiled upon fans with the release of a new EP, titled Breakthrough, and with the repressing/reissuing of Darkness Rains by Suicide Squeeze Records. Both vinyl offerings are gorgeous, but everything is also available digitally, of course.


The tracks on Breakthrough bring in the many influences and enthusiasms of the band, with the first song as a cover of Nigerian Afro-beat group The Funkees’ “Breakthrough”, and the second song as “Rock ’n’ Roll/EGA,” a Daniel Johnston cover.

We were super lucky to get to meet and be Daniel Johnston’s backing band a few years ago,” Bonnie Bloomgarden told FLOOD Magazine, “He was so kind, fun, and sweet and took a real liking to [our drummer] The Kid. He called her Bella LeGhosti because she’s so pale. We wanted to cover ‘Rock ’n’ Roll/EGA’ because it was his favorite to practice and play live. Love you, Daniel!” 


The Breakthrough EP was released on Friday, June 12th, via Suicide Squeeze, with a limited edition 7" in half purple, half black vinyl.

The repressing/reissuing of Darkness Rains is coming to us in yellow with red splatter vinyl, coke bottle green with grimace purple pinwheel vinyl, translucent blood red with black spatter vinyl, and on cassette with download cards. 

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