Eleine's Madeleine Liljestam & Rikard Ekberg Share Their Original Vision For 'Dancing In Hell' On Tower's Live Show

Symphonic Metal band Eleine have a new album coming out on November 27th, Dancing In Hell, from Black Lodge Records. Madeleine Liljestam & Rikard Ekberg, who are also the principal songwriters for the band, joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore to talk about life in Sweden during quarantine, the drive behind this album, the many music videos they've released so far, and the positive role that crowdfunding, like Patreon, has played in their lives.

The band are "super-satisfied" with how the new album has turned out, reaching the point where it sounds like their original vision for it after plenty of hard work. This is partly due to them taking on the producing and mixing on this album themselves, which was very rewarding. A song is finished when Madeleine tells Rikard so, they joked, since she's more aware of deadlines and the need to move on and Rikard is more of a perfectionist.

For Dancing in Hell, Eleine are actually releasing on CD, cassette, several variants of vinyl, and even in a collector's edition, because they wanted to have something that felt "special" out there for fans. The collector's edition includes the CD, an exclusive vinyl, artwork, a banner of the artwork, and an exclusive patch. Fans have been a direct and huge support for Eleine online, especially through their exploration of Patreon, where it's been a "beautiful, two-way street" of the love between the band and their supporters. 

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