Hardcore Punk Veterans Venomous Concept Pull No Punches In 'Politics Versus the Erection'

Grindcore and Hardcore Punk veterans Venomous Concept have a new album arriving in August, their fourth studio album, and have released the single "Lemonade" to give us an idea of what we're in for.

The title of the new album should also give us a clue: Politics Versus the Erection, which is supposed to be a "fitting soundtrack" for our times.

The band dates from 2004, when drawing together members resulted in a "grind punk supergroup" though that term may not exactly fit their counter-cultural persuasions, and their band name was born from their love of the band Poison Idea. The current lineup includes Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth and Shane Embury of Napalm Death as well as Danny Herrera and Danny Lilker.

The new album promises "over 30 minutes of short, sharp musical blasts" and plenty of "candid views".

Album Tracklist:

1.Simian Flu (03:20)
2. Hole in the Ground (00:53)
3. Eliminate (02:00)
4. Lemonade (03:42)
5. Colossal Failure (03:20)
6. Promise (03:24)
7. Septic Mind (03:15)
8. Dementia Degeneration (02:24)
9. Carrion (02:17)
10. Broken Teeth (02:09)
11. Shadows (02:46)
12. Mantis Toboggan (01:36)
13. Politics Versus the Erection (02:37)

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