'I Hate It When I Can't Feel My Heart': Sample Genevieve Artadi's Avant-Garde Electronica

[Cover photo credit to Daniel Sunshine]


Brainfeeder has released Genevieve Artadi's new album and it arrives on vinyl on August 17th. The vocalist, composer, and producer has revealed a new single and video from Dizzy Strange Summer, titled “I Hate When I Can’t Feel My Heart”.

The video, starring only Artadi and a few house plants, intentionally takes on a DIY quality, and this is something intrinsic to Artadi's work that prizes authenticity. Artadi takes in influences from jazz, psychedelia, bossa nova and avant-garde electronics. 
Dizzy Strange Summer is Artadi's second solo album and you may know her from work with bands KNOWER, Expensive Magnets and Everything’s Under Control.
[Photo credit to Daniel Sunshine]

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