Interview with Counting Crows' Adam Duritz on Tower Live

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Adam Duritz, founder and frontman of Counting Crows since 1991, spoke to Tower Live’s Whitney Moore about his new album Butter Miracle, Suite One - their first album after a hiatus of seven years - which is set to be released on May 21st. Their single Elevator Boots has been out now for a few weeks; unsurprisingly, it took top positions in the singles charts across the US and leads to the impression that their album will be just as popular, if not more so. But Duritz explains that this single, though a striking song in its own right, was released early because of its brevity more than anything else. ‘Bobby and the Rat-Kings’ - written from the perspective of a fan, as Duritz has been all his life - complements ‘Elevator Boots’ which he says is:

‘From the perspective of a musician, and someone who’s playing...  it’s about how people, places, towns… they come in and out of your life - they come in, they fade out as you go by, and it’s all very very temporary except the music, and the thrill and the joy of playing is the one thing you can always depend on.’ 

Gauging from this single alone, there is clearly lots to look forward to from the other three tracks on the album. 

Duritz goes into depth about the music industry with our host; his experiences over the last three decades, and how the industry has changed - for better or worse. And Duritz’s experience is extensive... as well as their first platinum album, 'August and Everything After', Counting Crows has put together seven studio albums - selling more than 20 million records across the world - while having a remarkably busy touring schedule. In 2004, Duritz was once again thrown into the spotlight for Counting Crow’s 'Accidentally in Love', forming the soundtrack of Shrek 2, that saw the band nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Original Song”, a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Original Song,” and a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.” 

We also get a firsthand take on Duritz’s influences over the years, from the Glam-rock music of David Bowie and Mott The Hoople to modern-day indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club. Although his influences do, of course, have a strong effect on the music of Counting Crows, Duritz unfolds the actual process by which a musician can be inspired - which is much less direct than the average listener might think. His tastes have changed over time - and ‘Butter Miracle, Suite One’ reflects that change. 

Watch the full interview above or on Instagram to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Adam Duritz: his musical process, his meditations on the industry, and how Counting Crows has grown and changed since its founding. He hints at a tour in the autumn of this year, which may not come to fruition if safety remains a risk, but in the meantime you can listen to and buy the new album at on May 21st.

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