It Lives! The Casket Lottery Demands 'More Blood' With 'Short Songs For The End Times'

 [Cover photo credit to Carina Spencer]

Kansas City indie rock band The Casket Lottery has released another new track titled "More Blood," along with an accompanying music video from their upcoming album Short Songs For The End Times due November 6th from Wiretap Records/Big Scary Monsters/Second Nature Recordings.

Singer/guitarist Nathan Ellis says of the new track,

"'More Blood' was the first idea that showed up complete for Short Songs for End Times. One minute it didn't exist and in the next I sat down with my guitar, bass and microphone at the computer and within 15 minutes had the complete demo. The song knew what it had to say and I just received it. It's a song about knowing what you offer the world and choosing to work on that instead of ignoring it."

Regarding their new album, Ellis adds:

“We did a fair amount of touring in 2018 and it really inspired me to write a record with the live performance in mind. I wanted to make a big guitar record, and I think all of the songs started with that as the spark.

We are still too loud and angry, but we have figured out how to play our instruments and craft a song a little tighter. The personal perspective of the lyric writer has matured, but the same energy, and the same motivation exists."

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