Jordan Caiola Tells Us Why It's 'Only Real When Shared' On Tower's Live Show

Jordan Caiola is the vocalist for the Philly-based band Mo Lowda & the Humble, but he's just released his solo project, Caiola, with the album Only Real When Shared on October 2nd. He joined our host Whitney Moore on our Tower Instagram Live show to talk about all his different musical experiences, but most of all, this move into solo work.

Jordan Caiola shares some heartfelt and relatable reflections on missing live performance and how much fans are missing live shows right now, something that for him and for fans gives a sense of "purpose" to life. He also describes and "organic" process for he and bandmate Shane Woods working on these songs as a "getaway" from these crazy times.

One song on the album has a long history, with two verses written and recorded four years apart (which leads him to being able to hear the changes in his own voice over time). All the rest of the songs were written in 2019 and 2020, and two of the songs were written entirely in quarantine.

He feels he's "not there yet" as a songwriter addressing our experiences of quarantine and our global situation in 2020. He's not ready to "face that task", a feeling we can all relate to, but these songs felt "as real as they possibly could be" to him. And it's very important to him to be authentic.

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