"Keep Marching...Keep Pushing" Chris Pierce Says In New Single 'American Silence'

LA-based songwriter Chris Pierce has debuted the first single from his upcoming 2021 album with "American Silence". Pierce intentionally channels some well-known justice and freedom songwriters like Richie Havens, The Staple Singers, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone on the new single. 

The song is "an encouragement to keep fighting and to keep marching, pushing for change and standing up against those trying to push America back to an earlier age of oppression".

Pierce's forthcoming full-length album to be released early 2021 will take on a wide range of issues including "justice, oppression, homelessness, black self-love, racism, mass incarceration, Immigrant Transcontinental Railroad workforce, Native American boarding schools, and a tribute to the American statesman and civil rights leader, John Lewis".

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