Kevin Max's Upcoming Album 'Revisiting This Planet' Will Pay Homage To Larry Norman's Work

Kevin Max, who is best known for being part of the Pop group DC Talk, has announced a new album with Revisiting This Planet. If that title sounds a little familiar, that's because it's a play on the title of Larry Norman's 1972 album, Only Visiting This Planet, which was a groundbreaking album bringing together Rock and Christian themes. 

In the mid-1990s, Kevin Max toured with Norman and covered his songs on the road with his band DC Talk. Norman and Max struck up a friendship, which led Norman to guesting on Max’s first solo album, Stereotype B, produced by Adrian Belew. After Larry Norman's passing, Kevin decided to re-create the whole album Only Visiting This Planet, but was sidetracked by other projects.

Years later Kevin met Larry’s son, Mike Norman, at a show in Portland Oregon and Kevin was convinced to finish work on Revisiting This Planet.

Multi-instrumentalist John Mark Painter from Fleming & John is joining as Producer and collaborating on this project along with guest appearances from Daniel Smith from Danielson Family, Fleming McWilliams and Mike Norman. 

Max is also taking a break from his solo output by forming the indie rock band Sad Astronauts with long time guitar collaborator Erick Cole. New music from the band as well as a kickstarter campaign starts in early 2021.
From the new album, Max will be releasing singles "The Outlaw" with B-Side, "Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus", "Pardon Me", and "God Part IV", a response to Norman’s "God Part III".

You can check out Kevin Max's lyrics to "God Part IV":
I do believe that I am truly free
Cause I don’t worship their politics
I don’t believe in forced authority
Or the law that was made into tricks
I don’t believe we should ignore the poor
I don’t believe in these religious wars
I don’t believe in money, power or fame
I can’t believe we haven’t learned a thing
But I believe In you
I don’t believe we’re very different
I don’t believe in gender judgements
I don’t believe we’ve got the right to kill
It doesn’t seem very logical
I don’t believe we’re alone in the universe
Or that the human race came first
I don’t believe in Presidents or King’s
I don’t believe in much of anything
and yet I believe In You
don’t watch TBN or CNBC
don’t believe in FOX or MTV
I won’t be going to your mega church
prosperity gospel doesn’t work
I don’t believe in guns or building walls
We’re just visiting this planet after all
I don’t believe in fear or terrorists
I don’t believe in fascists/nationalists
but I believe in you


This one of the finest cover albums I have ever heard. Kevin shows his utmost respect to Larry in these songs, and brings something new to these classics. My favourite is ‘Pardon Me’, but the whole album is played on repeat regularly – it’s great being a backer of this, I’ve been enjoying it for a good month or more now :)

Ed November 20, 2020

Kevin Max honoring Larry Norman. I believe is going to reach many people. The words are Truth. Kevin’s voice is truly a gift. I’m buying this album, when it releases tomorrow November 20th, 2020.

Lori Dostie November 19, 2020

Excellent write up. Thanks

Juan Guillermo Acosta, PT November 18, 2020

Many of us, Kevin Max’s fans, donated to ensure completion of his heart’s desire to honor Larry Norman. Larry was a true mentor to Kevin and Kevin was in awe of Larry. I hope every listener hears that in every song on “Revisiting This Planet”.

Dee Phillips November 18, 2020

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