Larkin Poe Are 'Back Down South' Ahead of 'Self Made Man' Album Release


We've been waiting with as much patience as we can muster for the return of the sister-duo Larkin Poe to deliver us their new album, Self Made Man.

We still have a little less than two weeks to go before June 12th when our shop can ship the shiny new vinyl, but thankfully, Larkin Poe have put out a new single from the album called "Back Down South".

But really we can't complain too much, since they've been steadily releasing singles and videos, and are going to be appearing in special Livestream concerts just for all of us stuck at home.

Here's what Rebecca and Meghan Lovell have to say about their sound and heritage:

“Roots American music is the language of our souls. We take pride in being part of a new generation of music-makers who are building upon the foundations that were laid by countless musical pioneers across the American south."

We'll fill you in on some of those videos for their new singles so far:


As for the Livestream concerts, dig in as they are basically happening NOW:

30 – Happy Hour Show 1 (Europe) – 1:00 pm ET
30 – Happy Hour Show 2 (North America) – 7:00 pm ET
6 – Requests Show – 4:00 pm ET

And for the upcoming album Self Made Man, here's our track listing:

1.1 She's a Self Made Man
1.2 Holy Ghost Fire
1.3 Keep Diggin
1.4 Back Down South
1.5 Tears of Blue to Gold
1.6 God Moves on the Water
1.7 Evevry Bird That Flies
1.8 Scorpion
1.9 Danger Angel
1.10 Ex-Con
1.11 Easy Street

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