Larkin Poe Rocks Out With Four New Performances Via 'Poecast'

The kick-ass ladies of Larkin Poe have been very active in doing live performance and engaging with fans on social media during quarantine, and they have now announced four performance screenings via their all new Poecast. The band will be sharing two shows recorded live from their rehearsal space: one plugged-in rock show on 9/20 and one acoustic band show (with stories from the road) on 10/4.

Each show will air twice on their respective days, first at 2pm ET and then again at 8PM ET. If fans are unable to watch the shows “live”, they will be available to watch after each airing.

While the shows stream, the full band will be in the chat room interacting with fans plus special guests are expected to make appearances in the chat room as well. Tickets, VIP passes, limited edition shirts and posters available now.

Larkin Poe released their fifth studio album Self Made Man this past June on their own Tricki-Woo Records, and we were delighted to have a rousing chat with them about the album here on Tower's PULSE!, which you can still check out.

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