Looking For World Harmony: Opus Vitae Joins Tower's Live Show & Plays Some Tunes

We were delighted to debut Banah Winn, aka Opus Vitae's new single "End of the Road" and help announce his new album, Gramercy, on Tower's PULSE, and even happier to have him join our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore.

Winn walks us through, and shows us, some of the lifestyle items he's been creating in the hopes of simply bringing more happiness to peoples' lives, which part of his new approach to life in recent years. Even though the songs on Gramercy may take us down some darker roads of memory and reflection, it was all part of the process for Winn, who now takes an acoustic guitar out into the mountains to find some zen time songwriting largely upbeat tunes.

He also tells the story of making this live video on our show:

The thinking behind "End of the Road" is sobering and universal, though, reflecting in this 7 minute track the realities of environmental impact and the need for everyone to take responsibility for turning things around. Stay tuned until the end of the show for some sweet acoustic tunes from Opus Vitae!

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