Meet Psychedelic Disco Cowgirl Kitty Coen in Her Video 'Dark Soul'


Austin, Texas-based "psychedelic disco cowgirl" Kitty Coen has released a video for her debut single "Dark Soul". Her most recent work hovers somewhere between electro-pop and alt-rock and she described her main influences as Tame Impala and STRFKR.

Coen says about the new video:

The vibe of the video is disco cowgirl realness. I wanted to take the viewer on a psychedelic trip through the mind of Kitty Coen. "Dark Soul" is a song about being in love or Infatuated with something at first glance because of its beauty but then realizing that nothing is as it seems."

She adds about the song "Dark Soul":

"'Dark Soul" is basically a warning label to any potential suitors who might think I’m all smiles and rainbows. Just because I seem sweet at first doesn’t mean I always am. Especially with relationships that don’t let me breathe. I’m an independent woman and if you want to be with an independent woman you have to accept one thing: they don’t need you. "Dark Soul" was originally a song I wrote on acoustic guitar in my friend's garage. But as I performed it live I realized I wanted it bigger and ultimately better. I went to Nashville to work on it with my producer and we re-worked it into a western disco dance track."

Coen says that she goes for "high fashion glam and attitude" in both the song and the video.


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    thank you!!!

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    Imagine being this iconic?!

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    Song of the fucking year

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    This is badass!

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