Model Stranger's Stephen Francis Talks Breaking Into Vinyl For 'Phases' & More On Tower's Live Show

Model Stranger have a new album out, Phases, that arrived last week, and have been releasing singles like "Breaks My Heart" and "Pick Me" from it. The band's vocalist and guitarist Stephen Francis joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, from Chicago to give us some insight into it.

Francis says that since they do have access to studio, their creative process hasn't been hugely affected by quarantine, aside from having to plan sessions a little more tightly. But they've been able to keep things moving. They are, however, very much a touring band and the quarantine has made them "reassess" how to connect with fans. It challenges them to make sure they are supporting their new record and finding ways to overcome "complexities" and simply connect in a direct way.

They recently did a livestream to launch their album, having been "adverse" to doing it at first. But they ended up with five different camera angles, great sound, and the only thing to overcome is the sense of "silence" when they finish a song or a set. They feel like they've been "touring digitally" for the album in some ways, but they are also aware that by the time they get to play this album fully live, audiences will know the songs, and that'll be a cool feeling since crowd reaction is incredibly important to them at live shows.

Their ideal circumstance to listen to the new album Phases is on vinyl, so break it out! You'll understand the sequence clearly that way, including the "flip", Stephen Francis guarantees. It's their first vinyl LP, though they have released 7 inch records before.

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