MUSE Releases 'Simulation Theory' Film This Week In IMAX, Digital Format, Deluxe Editons

From February to October of 2019, MUSE took their Simulation Theory Tour to over 28 countries and played in front of more than 1 million people. Starting today, fans will be able to experience the spectacle when MUSE - Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience will be available in select IMAX Theaters around the world and on Friday, August 21st when the Simulation Theory movie will be available for rent or download on Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.

The feature was filmed at London’s O2 Arena in September 2019 the film directed by Lance Drake, (who also directed all the promo videos for the Simulation Theory album) and Produced by Muse, Pulse Films, Lance Drake, Jesse-Lee Stout and Matthew Bellamy, and it follows a team of scientists as they investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world, blurring the lines between narrative and concert film.

Says Drake,

“The goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for MUSE. In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own.”

MUSE says the following about safety measures for IMAX viewing:

"Theater safety measures will comply with governmental and exhibitor guidelines. Examples of typical measures taken may include but are not limited to use of masks by employees, social distancing and capacity constraints, as well as increased sanitation efforts. Please contact your local exhibitor for more information on their specific precautions."

Available for pre-order today are also two different limited edition deluxe box sets which will be available via and physical retail. To celebrate the release of the Deluxe box sets, MUSE also teamed up with Marvel Comics to create and release a custom Simulation Theory comic book and limited-edition poster.

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