Need Some 'Catharsis'? Catch Tower's Live Show With Misantropic's Gerde Berglund & Matte Johanssen

The Swedish Thrash-influenced Punk Hardcore band Misantropic recently released their new album Catharsis and joined our Tower Instagram Live show from Sweden to chat with host Whitney Moore about all things Heavy music. And also a little bit about being parents! Actually, most of the band members are parents with multiple kids. You can even hear some contributions from the next generation on some of the tracks on Catharsis. 

Gerde Berglund and Matte Johanssen, who are actually a couple and have children together, talked about the irreplaceable experience of very loud, very energetic live shows, and they shared slightly differing views on whether livestreams are "worth it" during this time when it might be "better than nothing". To be fair, this kind of music is very steeped in a live experience, they concede.

They also give us a tour of the artwork on Catharsis and how they settled on it after a number of "gorier" options. The duo tell us a lot about their lives in Sweden, including Gerda's job making studio space bookings available for musicians and podcasters, and also working to support other arts in her community. They happen to live somewhere where Metal and Hardcore are a big deal, which is pretty much a perfect fit for them.

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