'Plans We Made' Kicks Off Son Lux's Three-Volume Album 'Tomorrows'

[Cover photo credit to Djeneba Aduayom]

Son Lux have revealed their first single from Tomorrows, a three-volume album with “Plans We Made”. 

The three volumes of Tomorrows will roll out over the coming year, with the first chapter landing on August 14th via City Slang.

The single "Plans We Made" features guest vocals from singer-songwriter Kadhja Bonet and sets the tone for the band's "lyrical struggles with inevitability, the arc of time, and the fragility of our best intentions" in the new album.

This is going to be Son Lux’s sixth full-length studio LP, composed by Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang.

Lott explains: “We’re peeling things apart and putting them back together throughout this record. Emotionally, relationally, and musically.”

The trio have been working on the new project for three years, but the lyrics were written in the last three months, according to the band, and have been influenced by our "world situation".

Lott adds:

“The sound of Son Lux is discovered through a very intentional and deliberate process of experimentation where the end result is often entirely unknown.We’re constantly exploring and trying out different options. We can’t anticipate what the music will become.”

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