Play 'Truth or Consequences' with Yumi Zouma and Watch Their Video For 'Sage'

[Cover photo credit to Jack Shepherd]

Yumi Zouma have released the song and video for "Sage" from their latest album, Truth or Consequences, now available from Polyvinyl Record Co.

Filmed by Jack Shepherd in 2019, and edited by Austin Roa, the video for “Sage” captures the band’s now-international members reconvened in their native New Zealand, exploring meadows, relaxing at home, and "basking in the warmth of friendship".

The band explains:

"The video for 'Sage' was shot by the brilliant Jack Shepherd, who managed to discreetly capture us in-between our various band activities on his Super 8 camera, before passing the footage onto our good friend Austin Roa, to create a beautiful homage to one of our most loved songs from the new record."

The album was self-produced by the band and mixed by Jake Aron, and current members of the band include New York-based Josh Burgess (guitar, vocals), London-based Charlie Ryder (guitar, bass, keys) and Christie Simpson (vocals, keys), and Wellington New Zealand’s Olivia Campion (drums).

The band also recently shared a remix of their Truth or Consequences song “Cool For A Second,” courtesy of Australian singer/producer Japanese Wallpaper.



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