'Sleep In My Clothes': New Dance-Pop Emerges From Michael Tapper's 'Practice' Project

[Cover photo credit to Guy Eppel]

Michael Tapper who previously served as drummer of We Are Scientists, Bishop Allen, Fool's Gold and Yellow Ostrich, has announced a new project: Practice.

He has shared a new video for his debut single, "Sleep In My Clothes," which were both made pre-quarantine, and yet the themes of isolation seem to be very relatable.

Tapper explains:

"It's about remembering a time when you would get up and go out the door and be a go-getter, and now you get up and don't really have anywhere to go or anything to do and you want to escape, but you’re at a loss. It's sort of how you might feel on a bad day in quarantine. But you know, sometimes connecting with a song that speaks to how you're feeling when you're down can feel good, too, like commiserating. And in the end, it's kind of sad but kind of hopeful about wanting to make the world better, even if you feel kinda helpless to do so."

He adds,

"Even though I had written this song and made the video well before this pandemic, that made sense to me because I wrote each during an intense period of isolation and uncertainty. I wrote "Sleep In My Clothes" just after I had quit my old band, which had been my job and career, holed up in an apartment in an unfamiliar city."

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