STYX Commemorates Digital Release Of 'Cyclorama' With 'These Are The Times' Video Dedicated To First Responders

If you can believe it, the 2003 STYX album Cyclorama never got released digitally, and the band has just rectified that by putting it up on digital platforms.

Their 14th album's digital release has also been commemorated by creating and releasing an all new video for the track "These Are The Times" dedicated to first responders and frontline workers. By the way, we recently caught up with STYX's drummer, Todd Sucherman, on our Live show here, and in a PULSE! interview, which you can still read here.

Cyclorama was produced by Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, and the late Gary Loizzo and it was re-released in 2004 via the Silverline label with a 5.1 surround-sound mix done by Loizzo for both the DVD-Audio and DualDisc formats.

James “JY” Young reflects:

“It’s amazing how a song that was created in a certain timeframe, can fit into another timeframe 17 years later and that is the case with ‘These Are The Times. It’s even more amazing how this song encompasses the current world situation, and that it can fit into a song so beautifully. It’s a fascinating thing. The video was created by my best friend Steve Jones, who is so incredibly talented and I’m blown away with what he came up with. STYX fans and the world at large, take a breath, this too shall pass, and it’s the music that will carry us through. AMEN!”

As part of the band’s ongoing association with the Pittsburgh Steelers (the team plays “Renegade” at the beginning of big defensive plays in their stadium), STYX is also asking fans for donations to be made to the Pittsburgh Foundation Emergency Action Fund.

The Pittsburgh region is facing unprecedented economic, health and human services challenges in the global public health pandemic brought on by the COVID-19 virus. In response, on March 16, local philanthropies partnered to create the Emergency Action Fund, which awarded operating grants on a rolling basis to emergency service providers and nonprofit organizations serving on the front lines of recovery.

Donate to the Pittsburgh Foundation Emergency Action Fund right here.

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