Taking It 'Day By Day' With Brendan James On Tower's Live Show + Performance!

Singer and songwriter Brendan James joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to celebrate the recent release of his new album, Leap Taken, which was inspired by the experiences of taking a long trip around the world with his wife and two young children. Stay tuned all the way through until the end to hear Brendan play some soulful songs for us, including "Alone Together", "Day by Day", and "White Whale", which is about "the big search".

Brendan has actually found himself exploring new sounds lately, since he's suddenly free from the constraints of having to make sure he can play songs he's written live. With no touring, now might be the time to explore lots of new compositional approaches and he's diving in with a friend to do more writing for TV and film.

When traveling around the world with his family, Brendan hoped inspiration would strike for new songs, but he didn't count on it. In fact, Brendan only took his MacBook laptop and no actually musical instruments with him. It confirmed what he thought, that as long as you have something that record your voice and some kind of chord-based elements, you can write songs without a lot of devices. You just get the "raw energy out there". 

He's only done six or seven livestreams in 2020, trying to make sure each one is a "special experience" but will be doing more. One of the most special for him was at The Gaillard Center in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, where he lives, a beautiful theater, with a capped socially distanced audience of 250 people. It was still a magical experience for him, with very enthusiastic fans and performers, as well as a great camera shoot going on.

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