The Band 'Drugs' Gets Psychedelic In 'A Twist Of The Stomach' Video

Remember our cool friends, the band Drugs, who came on our Tower Instagram Live show? Their new EP is finally out, and they've released quite the psychedelic video for us for the single "A Twist of the Stomach". Would we really expect anything less?

The "Avant-garde pop-rock band" released their debut album Episodic on Park The Van and their new video was animated by Corey Watson.

The band say that's the video is "set in a kaleidoscopic, hellish universe somewhere between Animal Crossing and The Sims", and the sounds of the song "encapsulate the feelings of internal conflict and cognitive dissonance that can come with a twist of the stomach".

Video director/animator Corey Watson says,

"One day after I took a bong rip and watched Conner O'Malley's ‘Hudson Yards Video Game’ I got an idea for a music video. ‘What if we did a shot-by-shot remake of Tool's music video for ‘Sober’ for Drug's ‘A Twist Of The Stomach’? I have no idea what the hell I am doing in Blender, but here we are! Grab a bong, order a pizza, eat a cereal bowl full of DMT, and get crunchy.

The band’s debut collection Episodic was written and self-recorded in Long Beach, CA in 2018, by Joel Jasper (Guitar, Vocals) and J.P. Bendzinski (Guitar, Keys) joined by Vince Guitierrez (guitar/bass), Alan Connor (drums) and former bandmate Zach Mabry (drums).

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