The Brummies Give Us a Dose of Bill Withers-Inspired Positivity in 'Sunshine'

Nashville-based rock trio The Brummies are bringing us "a ray of sunlight and a dose of positivity" with their latest single Sunshine.

It's the first single from their album coming out later this year and the band cite the inspiration of the late Bill Withers for the song by bandmates John Davidson, Jacob Bryant, and Trevor Davis. You can also check out their debut album Eternal Reach, currently in Tower's shop. 

Trevor tells this story about the song:

“We were messing with the groove of this one for a while and were having trouble finding the right one when someone said loudly ‘Bill Withers Vibe’ and then it clicked and we knew exactly what it needed. During hard times people can turn this one on and it gives them some light or up bringing in some sort of way."

John explains about the songwriting process:

“On this particular day Jacob told us he wanted to write a song about a ray of sunshine that woke him up that morning from some broken blinds by his bed. I believe I had a classical guitar in my hand and started playing the basic first two chords of the song. The melody and lyrics naturally fell out for this one pretty quickly. Co-writer Joe Hertler went into his world and came out with pretty much the whole bridge, or section before the instrumental. As we got closer to production for recording, Bill Withers was sort of a beacon for us in terms of groove. He definitely inspired the beat to that song.”

John encourages listener to “apply ‘Sunshine’ to a lot of things that give you life, whether that be a significant other, coffee, weed, you name it.”

The song follows their recent release of Hillside,” which was featured in the trailer for Dads, which is actress Bryce Dallas Howard’s directorial debut in film, though you may have noticed that she directed some episodes of The Mandalorian on Disney+. 

Listeners can stay connected by following the band on Instagram and Facebook @thebrummies, and @the_brummies on Twitter. For more info

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