The Casket Lottery's Nathan Ellis Brings 'Short Songs For End Times' To Tower's Live Show

Indie band, Emo icons, and Post-Hardcore pioneers The Casket Lottery are releasing their first new album in eight years, Short Songs For End Times, on November 6th, and singer/guitarist Nathan Ellis joined our Tower Instagram Live show to dig into the band's recent experiences during quarantine and in putting this album together. 

Ellis joined us from Kansas City to discuss the happy developments in his life, including a stable relationship, kids, and a good job, which might have given him less to songwrite about in the band's chosen genres. But he also explains that the rise of the current presidency and the urgency of our times has definitely given him plenty to be angry about. Bring on the songwriting!

Songs came quick for this aptly titled album, including the single "More Blood", which is out now and comes with a horror-themed video. Ellis is finding working with the other band members of The Casket Lottery to be "really inspiring and really fun" so he doesn't have any current plans to do more solo work or collaborate with other bands as he has in the past, especially due to limitations on travel right now. Thankfully, The Casket Lottery are mainly based together in Kansas City.



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