The Heavy Hours Debut 'Don't Walk Away' Co-Written by Dan Auerbach

New Cincinnati quartet The Heavy Hours have debuted their song “Don’t Walk Away” co-written with Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, produced by Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Jade Bird, Matt Maeson), produced and mixed by David Baron. They've also released a video for the song.

The four friends at the core of The Heavy Hours have been collaborating in some sense since high school, inspired by Alternative Rock and Folk. Their music made its way to Dan Auerbach, who invited his fellow Ohioans to visit his Easy Eye Sound headquarters in Nashville for a few days of collaborative songwriting.

With a cache of new songs and new ideas, The Heavy Hours traveled to rural Catskills in New York state, to record under the producer Simone Felice.

Here's a little more info about this new band:

We're The Heavy Hours. Four friends from Ohio that started playing music in an abandoned house somewhere in suburbia. We didn't know any songs so we started writing our own. Band practice would start at midnight and end at 3:00am; we'd make noise, order pizza, and argue about everything we could think of.

We started writing and recording; we wrote music that was based off of our musical capabilities and instincts, we recorded that music and after listening back to it, we decided "hmm, we gotta do that again..." So, we wrote some more; this time we were writing to make music we wanted to hear but hadn't yet, combining influences from bands we loved and experimenting with new approaches. We recorded a bunch of songs on a farm in Virginia with our good friends, the music got passed around and one day we got a call from Dan Auerbach, and he said "hmm, let's do that again..."

Simone Felice from the Catskills in New York called us as well, he said the same thing; he heard the music we had been making and saw a vision for something we hadn't yet created.

After writing a hundred songs over the course of three years, it seems to be the right time to share with the world and let listeners join the ongoing musical journey of The Heavy Hours.



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