The Imaginaries Celebrate Their Singles & 'Hometown Christmas' On Tower's Live Show + Performance!

Maggie McClure and Shane Henry of The Imaginaries joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Dani Pinkus, to talk about the release of their recent singles "Walking on a Wire" and "Other Side" and what they have cooking for the Holiday season with the release of their album Hometown Christmas!. They also honored Tower with a live performance of two of their songs!

Both McClure and Henry are from Oklahoma and worked separately as solo musicians before they met and later married. They actually both plan on continuing to release solo music as well as albums together as The Imaginaries. Now they are planning a debut album for The Imaginaries for 2021 that was recorded in music-steeped Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The album had a long journey, and stemmed from a Kickstarter campaign which led to recording sessions in September of 2018.

They were originally planning for a release in August of 2019, but Henry came down with serious appendicitis at that time so they postponed it. Then they hurried to get that album, and their Christmas album, printed in time for a Brian Setzer Christmas Rocks! Tour only to have it cancelled for medical reasons by Setzer. Then they planned for a Spring 2020 release for the debut album, but were halted by Covid. Now they have released some singles for the debut album, and the full album will arrive in April 2021. They really learned to "go with the flow" and not give up through all these experiences.

Their album Hometown Christmas consists of half of their original holiday songs and half of covers of their favorite music. It will be playing major stores nationwide, like Panera Bread, Macy's, FedEx, Bath & Body Works, and more.

Make sure to watch until the end of the show for live performances of "Walking on a Wire" and "Think About You"! Also, check out their Instagram account for upcoming livestreams.

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