'The Struggle Continues' With Second Sun's Jakob Ljungberg On Tower's Live Show

Jakob Ljungberg of the Swedish Rock band Second Sun joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about the band's new concept album, The Struggle Continues, that arrived in early November from Gaphals Records.

The new concept album tells the story of an adult man experiencing different aspects of the political world and moving from idealism to a more withdrawn perspective. Ljungberg explains that the band wants to tell this story and allow people to think about its implications rather than trying to persuade anyone to hold any particular political views. Ljungberg doesn't ever want to sound "pretentious", but he has a lot of wise words to say about music, its role in society, and some of the goals of Second Sun.

The new album was actually recorded in two different large "sessions" with a gap of time between them which enabled them to work on the "Side A" and "Side B" of the album separately, constructing each aspect of the story's arc. Ljungberg highly recommends working that way rather than trying to record an entire album at once! He confesses that every single song they recorded made it onto the album this time. They were very efficient.

Ljungberg also chats about his interest in comic books (a big interest of Whitney Moore's too!) and how you can find comic-style artwork on the singles from this album. He hopes at some point the band may release a comic in relationship to one of their albums.

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