Tower's PULSE! Debuts 'Up In The Sky' From Roberto Ortiz

We previously had singer/songwriter Roberto Ortiz on Tower's PULSE! talking to us about his journey into music and now we're pleased to debut a new single from his repertoire, which will be released widely on Friday, September 25th.

The new song, "Up in the Sky" seems designed for the escapism we need to stay sane in times like these, but Ortiz has been through enough strange times that this one no doubt stems from plenty of previous struggle.


In fact, he comments revealingly:

"Up in the Sky is me just trying to keep my head high during a hard time.  I had moved to a new part of the city, was commuting 3 hours every day via train to my restaurant gig and to top it off I couldn’t get it up one night just because I was so stressed. Its moments like those where all you want is to escape, to dream, to fly. At the time, this one day in the studio was the closest I got to escape, so I said what I could. Coincidentally it makes as much sense as someone reading Shakespeare while gurgling salt water, but It sure is a groovy son’abitch."

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