Vinyl Release of Saxophonist Logan Richardson's 'Afrofuturism' with Whirlwind Recordings

Logan Richardson is an American saxophonist, composer and bandleader living in Paris - his new album Afrofuturism is set to be released by vinyl on March 12th with UK-based Whirlwind Recordings. His debut album, Cerebral Flow, was released in 2007 and since then he has made and produced four other albums; at the same time, Richardson has been a member of the NEXT Collective as their saxophonist. 

Afrofuturism is a myriad collection of different sounds - alternative rock, jazz and trap all feature in varying degrees, track to track. Influenced heavily by his African-American heritage, Richardson says, “I was trying to get back deeper to the core of my artistic voice: using fresh production processes to mix in my interconnected influences and all the sounds I hear, while trying to find a sense of roots.” While playing saxophone, he simultaneously uses a vast range of keyboards and synths to contrast a distinctly contemporary sound with the classic blues/jazz tempo and swing. Igor Osypov plays on guitar, Peter Schlamb on piano, Dominique Sanders on bass, as well as the deeply rhythmic drumming duo of Ryan J. Lee and Corey Fonville. Cellist Ezgi Karakus and vocalist Laura Taglialatela also appear throughout the album in abrupt musical interludes. 

On this album, Richardson concludes that, “I always feel strongly about all my projects, but this one was so fluid in the way we produced it and the way the different voices came together. It feels like something truly special.”

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