Wake Up, You're Rockin'! It's Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen On Tower's Livestream Show

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[Cover photo credit to David Norbut]

Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen are a Rockabilly band who take in a lot of sounds and sonic influences, and Joe Castro joined our Tower Instagram Live Show, hosted by Dani Pinkus.

They recently released their first band LP, Come on Angels, and it was a process that "kept things moving" with "spontaneity" and "liveness" in their recording sessions. Singles include, "Wake Up, You're Rockin'!" and "There Are No Secrets Here", which Castro worked on the video for and discusses on our show.

Castro is from the Philadelphia area and has worked with several bands before, but this new venture definitely takes him into new territory, focusing on stripping things down and making sure "less is more" with old school, classic rock vibes as Dani Pinkus observed. The rhythm section of the band is actually based in the members of the Philadelphia Punk band Thorazine!

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