Watch The Old West-Themed Video For 'Pale Horse Rider' From The Allman Betts Band

We previously did quite a tour of The Allman Betts Band's upcoming album Bless Your Heart here on Tower's PULSE! talking to Duane Betts about it.

Now the band has released their single and video for "Pale Horse Rider" which has a definite "cinematic" and Old West feel. The video was directed by Devon Williams over "two very hot days at the legendary Joshua Tree National Park". 

The song was written, in part, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana., and "it portends an album of explorative song structure", according to the band.

The double album Bless Your Heart was recorded over a week’s time at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio on 2-inch tape, just like their previous album Down to The River, with additional tracking in Memphis and St. Louis.

Betts says of the new album, out August 28th:

“I think we definitely challenged ourselves, pushed ourselves artistically, and widened the spectrum on all levels. We wanted something that was a little more sweeping. A deeper experience."

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