Brainfeeder Brings Us Genevieve Artadi's Dizzy Strange Summer in August

Jazz singer Genevieve Artradi will be dropping the LP Dizzy Strange Summer from Fying Lotus' Brainfeeder on August 17th, 2020, and she's released a couple of singles so far to give us an idea of what we're in for. 

With the “Hot Mess” song and video we get a love song with a contradiction, a recognition of one's own vulnerability in contrast to euphoria. The song was produced the track with contributions from her friends Jacob Mann on keys, Sam Wilkes on bass, Daniel Sunshine on drums, and Dyasono on backing vocals.

Artadi explains, regarding the "Hot Mess" song and video:

“‘Hot Mess’ is a summery pop song I wrote about experiencing love in a time of craziness, touching the sensation of flying while knowing I was actually mid-fall. In the video, I get stood up by a guy and handle my rejection in the strangest way possible.”

Artadi has also released the single and video for "Living Like I Know I'm Gonna Die":

Creating Dizzy Strange Summer was supported by a "close circle of like-minded musical friends" for Artadi. To name just a few: Louis Cole, Sam Wilkes, Henry Halliwell, Daniel Sunshine, Adam Weissman, Ruslan Sirota, Ross Garren, David Binney and Jacob Mann.

The physical LP will arrive as a 140g crystal clear vinyl in an artworked inner sleeve housed in a 3mm spined outer sleeve and includes an MP3 download code. The artwork was also created by Genevieve Artadi.

Track listing for Dizzy Strange Summer:

Side A

  1. I Hate When I Can’t Feel My Heart
  2. Living Like I Know I’m Gonna Die
  3. Godzillaaaa (feat. Real Bad Man)
  4. Nowhere to Go
  5. Edge of the Cliff (feat. David Binney, Louis Cole)
  6. Will You Tell Me
  7. Loneliness Grows
  8. Hot Mess

Side B

  1. Hope Song
  2. Is What You Believe
  3. Feelz Tru
  4. oo ya
  5. All I Want for Now
  6. Mad Child
  7. Before the Dark
  8. cupcake5

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