Shacks & Brainstory: Smile Now, Cry Later B/w Runaway

Shacks & Brainstory: Smile Now, Cry Later B/w Runaway
Title: Smile Now, Cry Later B/w Runaway
Label: Big Crown
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

In 2017 we released a compilation of Sunny & The Sunliners music entitled "Mr Brown Eyed Soul". Since that, we reissued three of his albums in their original format and dropped five different 7 inches. We were huge fans of Mr. Ozuna before we started working together and we knew that our audience would love his music as much as we do. One thing we hadn't anticipated was just how much our own roster of artists were going to fall in love with his catalog. We came up with the idea to have everyone on the label cover a Sunny & The Sunliners tune and do a full length release as an homage to the man himself, Mr. Brown Eyed Soul, Sunny Ozuna. The full compilation is due out in the Fall of 2020 but this new 45 is a taste of what's to come. Side A is a cover of Sunny's classic "Smile Now, Cry Later" done by The Shacks. Shannon's gentle whispered vocals bring a whole new energy keeping to the tune keeping laid back and dreamy and Max's produc- tion does justice to one of Sunny's biggest tunes. Brainstory covers "Runaway". The darling dears of Rialto properly turn this tune into something completely their own. Tommy Brenneck's (Charles Bradley) production takes this one over top, a modern day slowie classic that is bound to find it's way into DJ sets next to the staples of yesteryear.

1.1 Smile Now, Cry Later
1.2 Runaway

Shacks & Brainstory: Smile Now, Cry Later B/w Runaway

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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