Antonio Carlos Jobim: Elis and Tom

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Elis and Tom
Title: Elis and Tom
Label: Verve

Brazilians knew this was a classic since it's 1974 release, but U.S. audiences didn't even get to hear it 'til '89. Here's it's first remaster in 20 years: Corcovado; Triste; Aguas de Marco a Brazilian-pop gem full of melancholy beauty.

1.1 ÁGuas de Marã§O [Waters of March]
1.2 Pois É [So It Is]
1.3 Só Tinha de Ser Com Voc㪠[It Had to Be with You]
1.4 Modinha
1.5 Triste [Sad]
1.6 Corcovado
1.7 O Que Tinha de Ser [What Had to Be]
1.8 Retrato Em Branco E Prieto [Picture in Black and White]
1.9 Brigas, Nunca Mais [Fights Never More]
1.10 Por Toda a Minha Vida [For All My Life]
1.11 Fotografia [Photograph]
1.12 Soneto de Separaã§Ã£O [Song of Separation]
1.13 Chovendo Na Roseira [Raining on the Rosebush]
1.14 InüTil Paisagem [Useless Landscape]

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Elis and Tom

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