Dulce Pontes: Momentos

Dulce Pontes: Momentos
Title: Momentos
Label: Galileo Music

To celebrate 20 years of Dulce Pontes' musical career the Portuguese singer presents her new double album Momentos that captures some of her most impressing moments on stages all over the world combined with new studio recordings. The first CD is dedicated to Portugal while the second CD focusses more on the international aspects of Dulce Pontes career with spectacular duets with José Carreras and George Dalaras. After her beginning in the world of pop music she started in 1993 her personal career with the album Lágrimas that challenged the fundamentals of the Lusitanian musical roots. Since then Dulce Pontes became due to her continuous search for new musical languages to a singer and musician without comparison in Portugal with an international reputation independent from any current fashion. One decade before the world discovered the fado at the beginning of the 21st century Dulce Pontes showed herself as visionary and gave a new generation a new understanding of this genre with her completely new and particular style. Dulce Pontes was never satisfied to deal only with fado but also renewed almost forgotten Portuguese traditions without any commercial hidden agenda. Her side as a composer, her collaboration with international artists as well as her interest to deal with new musical genres show very clearly her artistic search and adventuresomeness

1.1 Fadinho Serrano [Live]
1.2 Verde Pino, Verde Mastro [Live]
1.3 J Lia Gald Ria [Live]
1.4 Medo [Live]
1.5 L Grima [Live]
1.6 Naufr Gio [Live]
1.7 Fado Os Maias [Live]
1.8 Uma Uma Mulher Na Cidade [Live]
1.9 Can O Do Mar [Live]
2.1 Can O de Embalar [Live]
2.2 O O Infante [Live]
2.3 No Ano Que Vem [Live]
2.4 Por Esse Mar
2.5 Todos Somos Um (Hino Ofical 7 Maravilhas Do Mundo)
2.6 Amor a Portugal/ Your Love [Live]
2.7 O O Mar E Tu [Live]
2.8 Nu [Live]

Dulce Pontes: Momentos

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