Baudo, Alex: Bilingual Sessions

Alex Baudo: Bilingual Sessions
Title: Bilingual Sessions
Label: Imports

Australian Exclusive Release - 'The Bilingual Sessions' is a collection of covers and originals, sung both in English and Italian. Italian interpretations of some Australian classic songs like 'L'uomo Dei Colori (Man of Colours)' by Iva Davies, 'La Festa E Finita (The Party's Over)' by Don Walker and 'Here Am I' by Marc Hunter and Alan Mansfield. Other covers by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Gino Paoli, Daryl Hall, and originals co-written with the late great Marc Hunter, Joe Creighton, and Eric McCusker.

1.1 Let You Down - Alex Baudo, Creighton, Joe
1.2 L' Uomo Dei Colori [Man of Colours] - Alex Baudo, Davies, Iva
1.3 Times We Shared Together - Alex Baudo, Baudo, Alex
1.4 Il Cielo in Una Stanza - Alex Baudo, Paoli, Gino
1.5 I'm on Fire - Alex Baudo, Baudo, Alex
1.6 Volo Via - Alex Baudo, Hunter, Marc
1.7 Senza Fine - Alex Baudo, Paoli, Gino
1.8 Riding Out the Storm - Alex Baudo, Baudo, Alex
1.9 Here Am I - Alex Baudo, Hunter, Marc
1.10 One on One - Alex Baudo, Hall, Daryl
1.11 La Festa 'E Finita [Party's Over] - Alex Baudo, Walker, Don
1.12 Let You Down [Chill with Joe Mix] - Alex Baudo, Creighton, Joe
1.13 Windows of the World - Alex Baudo, Bacharach, Burt
1.14 Non Smettero' - Alex Baudo, Baudo, Alex
1.15 I'm Leaving - Alex Baudo, Baudo, Alex

Baudo, Alex: Bilingual Sessions

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