Carolyn Enger: Piano Album I: Six Friends

Carolyn Enger: Piano Album I: Six Friends
Title: Piano Album I: Six Friends
Label: Naxos American

Ned Rorem is one of America's most distinguished composers. He is an acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winner who has been hailed by Time magazine as 'the world's best composer of art songs.' of his own work he has said, 'I conceive all music vocally... it is always the singer within me crying to get out.' This recording features his complete Piano Album I, a series of small-scale but significant piano compositions dating from 1978 to 2001. These and the set Six Friends were largely written as gifts to friends and colleagues, forming musical sketch books which are filled with miniature masterpieces. They have echoes in Rorem's larger works, and stand in their own right as beautiful gems which create an atmosphere of tranquility and heartfelt tenderness.

1.1 Song Without Words
1.2 Carol - Pastiche
1.3 Serenade for Two Paws
1.4 19 Measures for Jim
1.5 Golden Notes on Nearing Fifty
1.6 Another Little Song Without Words
1.7 This Serpentine Etude
1.8 For a Perfect Friend
1.9 Marriage Measures
1.10 Snapshot of Jack
1.11 For Jim
1.12 A Little Waltz for Jim at Fifty-Five
1.13 A Melody for Shirley
1.14 A Talisman for Jim on Christmas Eve
1.15 On His Birthday
1.16 Ah Jim
1.17 A Berceuse for Jim at Christmas
1.18 A Christmas Card for Mary and Rosemary
1.19 For a Perfect Sister
1.20 A Sarabande for the Only Jim in the World
1.21 60 Notes for Judy
1.22 77 Notes for Rosemary
1.23 99 Notes for the Millennium
1.24 For Ben
1.25 Waiting to Get Well
1.26 1 + 1 = 3
1.27 40 Chords for Mark on April First
1.28 For Marian
1.29 For Barbara
1.30 For Rosemary
1.31 For Mary
1.32 For Don
1.33 75 Notes for Jerry

Carolyn Enger: Piano Album I: Six Friends

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