Eagles of Death Metal: Heart On-Special Edition

Eagles of Death Metal: Heart On-Special Edition
Artist: Eagles of Death Metal
Title: Heart On-Special Edition

UK Special Edition of this album from the Alterna-Rock duo includes two bonus tracks: 'As Nice As I Can Be' and 'Fairy Tale in Real Time. Heart on is the third album from Eagles of Death Metal, who continue to produce infectious garage rock with real groove. While the tongue-in-cheek antics of 2006's Death By Sexy are still evident, there is also increasing musical maturity creeping in. 'Now I'm a Fool' is the bands first foray into ballad territory - singer Jesse Hughes showing his mellow side - while the catchy, dirty fuzz of single 'Wannabe in L.A.' is given extra bite by Josh Homme who continues to relish being behind the drums. World's Fair.

1.1 Anything 'Cept the Truth
1.2 Wannabe in L.A
1.3 (I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants
1.4 High Voltage
1.5 Secret Plans
1.6 Now I'm a Fool
1.7 Heart on
1.8 Cheap Thrills
1.9 How Can a Man with So Many Friends Feel So Alone
1.10 Solo Flights
1.11 Prissy Prancin'
1.12 I'm Your Torpedo
1.13 As Nice As I Can Be
1.14 Fairy Tale in Real Time

Eagles of Death Metal: Heart On-Special Edition

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