Beth Manners: Magic French for Kids

Beth Manners: Magic French for Kids
Title: Magic French for Kids
Label: CD Baby

Beth Manners, writer and producer, worked for ten years as a project manager in international business and learned first-hand the importance of speaking other languages. She also observed, from European colleagues living in the states, how easy it is for young children to learn new languages. Upon becoming a mother in 1990, her interest and passion for early-language learning developed. She wrote her first script in 1996 and assembled a team of language teachers, college professors, composers, and foreign speaking child actors and singers to produce Fun French for Kids. She followed up with Fun Spanish for Kids in 1998 and released Magic French for Kids, Magic Spanish for Kids in 2000 and Playtime Spanish for Kids in 2005. Beth also writes and produces a school program entitled Classroom Spanish (or French) for Kids. Parent\'s Choice Award Winner.

1.1 Let's Learn French Today
1.2 Hi Everyone!
1.3 Vacation Song
1.4 How Shall We Go to France?
1.5 Take Us to France!
1.6 We Go to France
1.7 What Shall We Take W th Us?
1.8 I Go, Je Vais, You Go Tu Vas
1.9 I Go By Train
1.10 Nous Allons en France
1.11 Jouez Le Jeu
1.12 Touch Your Head
1.13 It's Still Not Working
1.14 C'est Un Chat
1.15 Here We Are at Versailles
1.16 Alphabet
1.17 Okay Bird
1.18 Je Suis Triste
1.19 Give Him Our Toys
1.20 Thank You Bird
1.21 Madame Magique, Où Es-Tu?
1.22 We Want to Go Home
1.23 Madame Magique Song

Beth Manners: Magic French for Kids

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