Demi Mays: Dandelion

Demi Mays: Dandelion
Title: Dandelion
Label: CD Baby

DANDELION/Songs for Developing Toddler's and Early Preschoolers (Ages 2+) DANDELION is a collection of songs that capture and celebrate the day to day joys in a toddler's life and how they interact with the parents and caregivers that love and teach them as they grow. Just as parents (and grandparents) are concerned with insuring that young children get their minimum daily requirements of dietary nutrients, these songs provide the opportunity to supply the child's daily requirements of love and parent engagement. Dancing, singing and having fun together are the social and emotional nutrients that embed love and attachment in a child's life that become the roots and stem for future relationships. ...And most importantly, they are just plain fun!

1.1 Dandelion
1.2 'Cause I Love It
1.3 I Clap, I Shout
1.4 Wipe It Away
1.5 Make a Face
1.6 Only Food in My Mouth
1.7 Baby Animal Song
1.8 Hello Sky, Hello Earth
1.9 The Sun Always Shines
1.10 We Are Walking
1.11 Let's Pick a Picture
1.12 Way, Way Deep
1.13 Way, Way Deep (Extended Instrumental for Quiet Time)

Demi Mays: Dandelion

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