Jack Hartmann: Science Songs All Day Long

Jack Hartmann: Science Songs All Day Long
Title: Science Songs All Day Long
Label: CD Baby

Educational Children's Music that Makes Learning Rock! Here's what teachers have to say about Jack's Science Songs All Day Long: I 'just wanted to say that I got my 'Science Songs All Day Long' CD today and it is GREAT! Any Preschool or Kindergarten teachers who are planning to start their year off with The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn will want to check out Jack's 'Nocturnal Animals' and 'Day Sky and Night Sky' from Science Songs All Day Long. - C. Hartery.

1.1 Frog's Life Cycle
1.2 Sound Is Energy
1.3 Show Me the Motion
1.4 Animal Playground
1.5 Move Like Molecules Move
1.6 Metamorphosis
1.7 Nocturnal Animals
1.8 3 States of Matter
1.9 Day Sky, Night Sky
1.10 5 Senses
1.11 I'm An Astronaut
1.12 Forces Can Push or Pull
1.13 I'm a Plant
1.14 Water on the Earth Goes Round
1.15 Energy from the Sun
1.16 Animal Habitats
1.17 Recycle
1.18 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Jack Hartmann: Science Songs All Day Long

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