Janet Marie & M'Archibald: Out of the Woods

Janet Marie & M&
Title: Out of the Woods
Label: CD Baby

Take a musical trip from the Rainforest to your backyard garden with JanetMarie & m'Archibald! We've assembled loads of original and familiar sing-along songs and recorded them with introduction conversations just as we perform them live. Whether you've played along with us in our "Imagine That!" concerts, or you're just meeting us for the first time, we're sure you'll love this collection of songs that celebrate our animal friends and our place in the big beautiful world. And now, the very short biography: Janet Marie & m'Arch McCarty are singer-songwriter-playwrite-producer-director-designer-multi instrumentalist-Husband and Wife-Mom and Dad-Aunt and Uncle-Friends and Neighbors that live in Southeastern Michigan. They've been performing as JanetMarie & m'Archibald (and their Goblin alter-egos Boogah&Hoogah) since 1987.

1.1 We're Gonna Have a Good Time Now
1.2 River Spoken Intro
1.3 Down By the River
1.4 Eensie Beensie Spider/In the Bonanna Tree
1.5 If You're Happy Little Bunnies
1.6 I'm a Little Frog
1.7 Mosquito Bite
1.8 Caterpillar Change - Janet Marie
1.9 Spread Your Wings
1.10 Walking
1.11 They'll Be Hoppin' Round the Garden
1.12 Roll Over!
1.13 Rainforest Lullabye
1.14 Sweet Dreams

Janet Marie & M'Archibald: Out of the Woods

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